Advanced Security
These have been specifically designed based on recent bugs & exploits to bring assurance and trust to our community

Max Deposit Fee

Smart Contract prohibits incrementing deposit Fee's more than 4%

Anti-Whale with Max/Min

Smart Contract forces Anti-whale min to 0.001% and max 10% of supply

Max xVENUS to VENUS Convert

Smart Contract Enforces 30 xVENUS per day to be converted

No Withdrawal Fee

There is no implementation of a Withdrawal Fee in the smart contract

Max Referral Commission

Smart Contract implements a Max Referral Commission of 10%

Max Harvest Interval

Smart Contract forces a Max Harvest Interval of 14 days

Max Boost Amount

Boosts are capped at 300%

Boost on/off switch per Farm/Pool

In case of abuse due to a bug, Owner has the ability of turning on/off boosts per farm

Transfer Tax Bug Fixed

The transfer Tax issues affection many farms such as Cerebrus and other has been resolved in this Smart Contract.

Flashloan prevention

Harvest Lockup is forces for the first 1%, therefor you won't be able to Harvest until 99% of Harvest Tax
Last modified 4mo ago