Transfer Tax
This is specific to the $VENUS Token
Total Transfer Tax: 7% of every transfer. ALL BURNED
For example, staking in VENUS pool will have 7% tax, unstaking 7% tax, selling 7% tax...
Example for making a VENUS-BNB LP:
  • Buy $VENUS: 7% tax
  • Make LP: 7% tax on 50% of the LP ($VENUS Tokens) so 1% total
  • Stake LP: NO tax
  • Harvest: 7% tax on the $VENUS rewards
  • Unstake LP: NO tax
  • Unmake LP: 2% tax on the 50% of the LP ($VENUS Tokens)
  • Sell VENUS: 2% tax
  • Staking in the VENUS Pool will also have 2% tax
"But the VENUS Pool said 0% fee!" - Yes, 0% DEPOSIT fee, but still 7% transfer tax!
All VENUS transfers are taxed 7%.
Last modified 6mo ago
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