Pool Boost

If you have played around with MARS Boost capabilities then this should be familiar, however we've made some mayor improvements

Basically once your Tax Period is up, you will have 2 choices:
When you harvest, just like in any other farm, you are able to claim your pending rewards to your wallet. However you can instead choose to Boost your rewards. This means that all future rewards will be boosted by a certain %, but you will have to sacrifice you pending rewards if you choose to boost, in other words, you will lose your pending rewards, but gain a boost in all future ones...
If your current Boost is 100%, that means that your rewards will accumulate 2 times faster
Boost is currently capped at 300% per Pool
Remember! If you click on Boost, you will loose 50% of your harvest rewards from that particular farm you are trying to boost.
You can only Boost your rewards once the Tax Period is up
Last modified 6mo ago
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