I Feel Lucky

Do you feel lucky today? Wanna take a chance at being able to harvest your rewards before time?

If you do, then just press the "I feel lucky" button and pay for a chance to be able to harvest.
There is no limit to how many times you do, but be careful, you will lose a percentage of you pending rewards every time!
Check the Lucky Chance and Lucky Fees information displayed in your farm/pool.
For both examples below, there is a 50% chance of being Lucky and harvest your pending rewards and that will cost you 50% of those rewards.
Lucky Fees will be burned automatically.
You are lucky! example
Once the transaction is confirmed, you should see a notification with your Lucky result!
If you are Lucky, you will automatically harvest all your rewards minus the Lucky Fee
You can only be Lucky if you have tokens staked.
You can only try to be Lucky if the harvest lockup is enabled
Boosted rewards wont be charged as Lucky fees! So boost your harvest and be lucky!
Not lucky example
If you are NOT lucky you won't be able to harvest and the Lucky Fee will be applied to your pending rewards
Last modified 7mo ago
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