Black Holes
We've been in crypto for a while, and one of the stories we enjoy the most is that of SushiSwap...
Inspired by this story we've came up with the concept of Black Holes, we want LP providers to keep their LP in the protocol they choose and give them the ability to farm with those LPs in the Cosmos Universe.
Therefore we've created specific farms for LPs & tokens from other protocols (other than PancakeSwap) so that farmers can keep their LPs, but have a better APY than in the native exchange.
Our first Black Hole will allow for LPs from PantherSwap to be deposited into Cosmos and gain MARS, however that is just the beginning...
Farmers in dry land, Cosmos Farm is here to the rescue you with fresh soil and an amazing community behind it to help grow your crops!
Last modified 7mo ago
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